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A campaign to inform and educate people in Singapore about responsible drinking.

Binge drinking refers to the excessive consumption of alcohol within a short period of time, as defined by Health Hub Singapore.

Binge drinking is characterised by

5 or more standard drinks for males

4 or more standard drinks for females

on one occasion

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Bartender Stories

Hear from Shelley Tai, general manager of Singapore’s Nutmeg & Clove as she shares about bartenders being the ones with the power to raise the awareness of responsible drinking throughout the industry.

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  • Leo

    I like to take my time and enjoy my drink. It helps me appreciate and savor my drinks to really taste and enjoy them!

  • Rachel

    I find that most people don't realize their limit and have to learn the hard way. I educate myself on alcohol limits so I know when is too much for me!

  • Ryan

    I keep count of the number of drinks I have when I go out so I'm more mindful about my consumption. It helps moderate my drinking.

  • Caydence

    I never drink on an empty stomach, and I take it very slow and steady for a night to remember.

  • Thomas

    Hydration is key! I make my friends drink a lot of water with our dinner and drinks! 💧

  • Jessica

    We always have a designated driver on rotation for every outing. Everybody takes turns!

  • Emily

    When we go out, we'll pre-book rides and get that all sorted. No need to deal with the last-minute rush—just a smooth night out! If you drink don't drive.


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