Alcohol can be part of a balanced lifestyle if you understand your own limits and are drinking in moderation. Find out more about binge drinking so that you can make an informed choice to consume alcohol safely and responsibly.

Tips to drink responsibly

  • Size doesn’t matter. It’s the alcohol content that counts. A standard drink contains 10grams of alcohol which is equivalent to:
  • Slow down, no one is going to steal your drink. In fact, work that drink and move around – dance or chat with people instead of sitting down
  • Space out your drinks. Have a “spacer” non-alcoholic drink between alcoholic ones
Binge drinking affects your health
In the long term, binge drinking may lead to serious health problems, including:
  • Brain damage
  • Diseases in digestive system
  • Heart problems
  • Kidney damage
  • Liver disease
Binge drinking can also affect your memory, attention and mood, leading to serious mental health problems in the long term. According to an UCL study, binge drinkers statistically have lower academic results.

More information about binge drinking
Health Hub by Health Promotion Board equips Singaporeans with the information they need to drink responsibly. Here are some useful links:

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